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Not every article in a journal is considered primary research and therefore "citable", this chart shows the ratio of a journal's articles including substantial research research articles, conference papers and reviews in three year windows vs. Ratio of a journal's items, grouped in three years windows, that have been cited at least once vs. The purpose is to have a forum in which general doubts about the processes of publication in the journal, experiences and other issues derived from the publication of papers are resolved. For topics on particular articles, maintain the dialogue through the usual channels with your editor.

Year SJR 0. Citations per document. Year International Collaboration In spite of all of the scientific developments in the recent decades, this field still faces complicated problems due to the great diversity of factors affecting dam behaviors especially geotechnical conditions. Moreover, ignoring these problems can lead to project failure and great financial and human damages. One of the techniques of stability analysis is to find appropriate 3D geometrical models for rock masses including a set of simulated geotechnical blocks of masses which are formed based on topography position, the model limit, tectonic blocks, and the existing discontinuities using definite, statistical, or geotechnical methods.


The findings of the present study can have significant implications in geotechnical studies for the estimation of blocks volumes and the analysis and mechanical modeling on blocks, especially the walls loss modeling and their stability analysis. Accordingly, Haiqer Reservoir Dam, located in Fars province in Iran, was analyzed in the present study.

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The results indicated that the left support has a low reliability and therefore, its loss risk is very high. In contrast, the left support has better stability conditions with less probable great loss risks.

Analysis and numerical research in geotechnical engineering (Laboratory of)

It was also noted that if the blocks are taken into account as a whole they can form a key group which is potentially more dangerous than a single key block. A solution was recently obtained for the expansion of cylindrical cavities in normally consolidated Modified Cam Clay under plane strain and undrained conditions. The latter assumption resulted in some unexpected findings.

New effective stress relationships are obtained and the solution is applied for illustration purposes to both normally consolidated and overconsolidated Boston Blue Clay, for which the overconsolidation ratio OCR varies between 1 and Results are compared to a well - known benchmark solution obtained by means of finite element analyses. Non-circular RLEM has the ability to seek out the weakest failure path in a slope stability analysis using optimization techniques such as Surface Altering, while considering spatial variability of soil properties.

This study is a probabilistic analysis of the stability of the Sugar Creek embankment fill slope using non-circular RLEM. This example has been investigated in the literature with other probabilistic methods such as the non-circular limit equilibrium method together with 1D spatial variability analysis. The results of this study show that the values of probability of failure are in good agreement for the 1D and 2D spatial variability cases, while the mean factor of safety values for 2D spatial variability tend to be higher with smaller standard deviations of factor of safety.

The paper deals with the problem of choosing proper Rayleigh coefficients and their influence on numerical calculations in Soil Dynamics. Numerical analysis Finite Element Method here is conducted for two selected problems and calculated in Plaxis. In the first case the underground structure with the impulse wave applied to the subsoil is considered.

The second model describes vibro-isolation incorporated into the generator foundation in purpose to protect the neighboring building. In both problems the wave propagation in porous medium and as a consequence the proper choice of Rayleigh coefficients takes major part. In purpose of drawing any decisive conclusions different physical values are investigated.

NUMGE Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

The change in Rayleigh damping factors influences not only the specific value of result but also the behavior of the model as whole. The hydraulic project of Beni-Haroun has a particular importance in Algeria. It is part of an extensive program for the mobilization and transfer of surface water to address the strong regional hydrological inequalities. The difficult topography of Mila basin requires every time the assessment of the sliding risk of slopes which may contain complex system of water transportation from Beni-Haroun dam over long distances.

Disparate sources of uncertainties contribute to the variability in geotechnical properties. Inherent variability in soil property, error in measurement and uncertainty in transformation models are the three major sources of geotechnical uncertainties. This paper mainly focusses on inherent soil variability; while the rest are beyond the scope. The inherent variability in soil originates mainly from the natural geological phenomena that result in the origination and the continual modification of the in situ or residual soil mass.

Inherent soil variability is generally modelled as a random field. Simulating geotechnical variability as random process incorporates significant statistical results to be inferred from field test data and helps in including such variability in reliability analysis of geotechnical design. Total borehole SPT- N profile of the campus are used for developing the model. SPT- N value is observed to have an increasing trend with depth i.

In this model, the original data is first detrended and the trend function can be treated as deterministic in nature.

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The trend function is then evaluated using linear regression; a linear model is found to be good enough for present data. The residual part error is modelled as a one-dimensional random field. Borges Editor , Pedro A.

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